Employment consultant Castellón

Asesoría Laboral en Castellón

Our extensive experience in the sector is put at the service of your company to optimize the management of Labor Relations. We have the Authorization Access to the Spanish “Seguridad Social” net since 1997, which allows us to develop the following activities:

  • Company’s Subcription in the “Seguridad Social”.
  • Preparation of payroll, contracts, extensions and settlements.
  • Registers, cancelations and modifications of employees in “Seguridad Social”.
  • Taxes from “Seguridad Social”.
  • Management and processing of casualties and accidents at work (Delt @).
  • Study of the application of subsidies to the hiring.
  • Preparation and presentation of taxes (Mod 111 and 190).
  • Preparation of employment regulation files (ERE).
  • Procedures of online benefits: maternity and paternity, retirement, widow, etc.
  • Complete management of the Household Employees
  • Assistance to the Labor Inspectorate and conciliation acts (SMAC).
  • Presentation of briefs and resources to Competent Institutions.
  • Preparation of labor surveys of the I.N.E.